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Lexington Law Credit Repair Saves The Day

It can be difficult keeping your credit up when unplanned life situations arise. Illness, a layoff, having a baby, divorce and even moving can lead to unexpected financial burdens. Getting back on your feet is possible, though, and just takes a bit of time, research and some very careful decisions. Lexington Law, a firm that’s been working in the credit repair industry for over a decade, can help you start the credit repair process.

Just reaching out to someone for help can be daunting, but once you’ve done that, congratulations! You’re already halfway there. At Lexington Law, there are knowledgeable and trustworthy (not to mention super friendly over the phone!) paralegals on hand, who are trained in consumer protection laws, to advise you throughout your credit repair journey in the quickest, most painless and hassle-free manner.

Did you know that just one negative item on your credit report can cost you over 100 points? When a bill gets sent to collections or if you make a late payment, your score could decrease by about 110 points. A foreclosure could cost you 160 points. If you file for bankruptcy, that’s 240 points you’re losing and, believe us, it adds up fast.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Options

Lexington Law offers three services depending on your needs and financial situation, the Concord Standard, the Concord Premier and the PremierPlus, all viable credit repair solutions. Call the company’s toll-free phone number for a free credit consultation and to hear all your credit repair options, but first, we’ll break down Lexington Law’s three packages for you here, from the most basic to the highest, which comes with all the credit repair bells and whistles.

Option 1: Concord Standard

First, at $89.95 per month, the Concord Standard plan comes with Report Watch alerts, Transunion credit monitoring, $25,000 in identity theft insurance, debt handler, client website and CreditWise. With this plan, you’ll be able to challenge up to six negative items on your credit report. This is great for the person who’s credit is not so great, but isn’t terrible, either. If you need a little help in the credit department, but not a full financial revamp and you have some understanding of how credit repair works, opt for the Concord Standard.

Option 2: Concord Premier

Then there’s Concord Premier, Lexington Law’s most popular credit repair plan. For $109.95 per month, you’ll get Report Watch alerts, credit monitoring, InquiryAssist, score improvement analysis, $25,000 in identity theft insurance, debt handler, client website and CreditWise. With this plan, you’ll also be able to challenge up to six negative items on your credit report.

Option 3: PremierPlus

At $129 per month (just $20 more than Concord Premier and while a lot more perks), PremierPlus will come with Transunion credit score monitoring and FICO score monitoring, identity theft alerts, InquiryAssist, score improvement analysis, personal finance management, junk mail reducer, $1M in identity theft insurance, debt handler, client website, CreditWise and more. With  this plan, you’ll have access to a personal finance management tool on the website that will help you link your financial accounts, keep track of spending and more. With Premier Plus, you’ll be able to challenge up to eight negative items on your credit report.

Final Thoughts

Why not let qualified professionals help you so you can get back to living your life worry-free and with financial peace of mind? Lexington Law is one of the few reputable law firms in the credit repair industry that’s produced positive results for nearly a million clients in over a decade. If you’re looking for results in your personal finances, you’ve come to the right place.

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