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Strong credit scores are the main financial goal that can help lead to financial wellness. Different factors may contribute to why your score may not be as high as you’d like it to be, but sometimes it might not be on your end. It’s important to keep tabs on your credit score. An error on a credit report could be bringing down your credit score, and that should be caught right away. Don’t let that get in the way!

Here’s a closer look at how to correct an error on a credit report.

Get a copy of your credit report.

Before you can correct an error, you’ve got to find it. So get a copy of your credit report and take a look.

Visit for a free copy of your credit report. You’re entitled to a free credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus each and every year:

  • Equifax,
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

Review your credit report for errors.

Take a close look at your credit report. The following are all reasons to dispute an item on a credit report:

  • Do you recognize each account listed?
  • Has an identity thief opened and charged up accounts in your name?
  • Is somebody else’s credit file mixed with yours?
  • Does an account you know have a higher than expected amount?
  • Is an account listed as overdue that you are sure is current?

Write and send a letter to the credit bureau.

Reach out to the credit bureau in writing, detailing the aspects of your credit report that you think are in error. Circle the errors and send a copy of your credit report along with the letter. Clearly state why you believe an item should be removed or corrected. Send your letter to the credit bureau by certified mail. Keep copies of your letter for your records.

The credit bureau will investigate the matter, usually within 30 days. They also will forward the information to the company providing the credit information in question.

Once contacted by the credit bureau, the company will investigate the information and report back to the credit bureau. If the company determines that the disputed item is indeed an error, all three major credit bureaus will be notified and your file will be corrected. Once the investigation is complete, the credit bureau will reach out in writing with the results.

Write a letter to the credit provider.

It is a good idea to reach out directly to the company providing the credit information that you think is in error. Explain in writing why you believe there is an error. Keep copies for your records. It is a good idea to send this letter certified mail as well.

The credit provider will alert the credit bureau about the dispute. And if the credit provider agrees that there is indeed an error, the company will tell the credit bureaus to update your record.

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