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The value of car insurance is often underrated and underappreciated until it’s put to use. With all the costs associated with a new car purchase or maintenance, it’s easy to be attracted to cheap auto insurance. Seeking cheap auto insurance is not easy, but sometimes getting a plan that’s fit for you will provide the most value. Be a smart buyer, do your research, and create a package that suits both your coverage needs and your budget.

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1. Get everything in writing

Recording everything your agent promises is vital. Written confirmation is much stronger than verbal confirmation, and will help you avoid any miscommunication in pricing.

2. Report all drivers for the vehicle

Teens are often the main reason for pricier auto insurance. However, if they are not reported, but later involved in an incident where they were driving; your insurance would definitely see an increase in the future. Better to report now, than pay for consequences later.

3. List actual parking location

If you are not parking your car in an enclosed garage, but maybe on the street where there is more potential for accidents, it would be a good idea to make note of that. Side swipes or parking bumper taps are more common than you think and would be better covered in the long run.

4. Disclose all prior claims

Even if you think that your past car troubles and/or accidents have been buried in the past, you are better off mentioning it all now. If incidents comes up later, and were not reported, you will be questioned, and chances of your rates increasing will be much greater.

5. Familiarize yourself with the policy

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on agents and companies to babysit our auto insurance policies. If anything, more things will slide if you don’t know what you are paying for. Pay attention to what you’re signed up for and be aware so that you’re not taken advantage of and/or paying for unnecessary fees.

6. Apply discounts qualified for

Discounts exist. In fact, there may be more discounts available to you than you think. Your employer may have perks that apply to you. Moreover, affiliations like student and military discounts could be considered as well. Don’t be afraid to inquire about what available discounts may apply to you.

7. Take note of car safety features and practices

Being an experienced driver or having extra safety features in your vehicle can lower auto insurance. For example, taking an extra driving lesson can help and count towards a discount. Also, many cars are beginning to add features to ensure safer driving that can help justify claims to your insurance provider.

8. Go paperless

Like many bills, going paperless is an easy way to subtract some change from your auto insurance. If you’re having trouble straying away from paper reminders, set a monthly reminder on your phone to pay the bill.

9. Combine insurance policies

Inquire about other insurance policies you may already have. For instance, bundling insurance policies can sometimes lead to greater savings. Consider life and home insurance as well as others.

10. Shop around

You may think you have found the best deal on your first search, and it may be true. However, be a smart shopper, and compare policies, offers, and prices to ensure you are getting the best auto insurance deal for you.

Let’s help you get started…

Again, it’s important to not undervalue your car insurance. Take these steps to find the best deal for you, and shop around. You can start by finding the best local deals on auto insurance available to you on our insurance finder.

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