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All credit cards are different, travel credit cards included. Every card comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. The secret to finding the travel credit card that’s right for you lies in determining which benefits can eventually offset any pitfalls that may come your way. Some travelers may want premium perks. Others may be seeking flat-rate rewards. Your spending habits, travel preferences, and desired destinations are all factors that will play a role in which travel credit card is right for you. Specifically, we’ll be discussing which credit card is most effective for flat-rate travel rewards, and what you should look for in a flat-rate card. 

Best credit card for flat rate travel rewards

There are plenty of travel credit cards on the market today. Each card comes with specific benefits, which can be valuable depending on the type of traveler and spender you are. When it comes to flat-rate earning potential with travel cards, the Capital One Venture credit card is your best bet. Here’s why.

Capital One Venture Credit Card benefits

This credit card is a great opportunity for spenders looking to cash in on travel rewards with every purchase. The Capital One Venture Credit Card offers 2 miles for every $1 spent on all purchases, and an extra 10 miles for every dollar spent on hotel stays. These rewards, known as Capital One miles, are valued at 1 cent per mile. What’s more, new cardholders will have the opportunity to earn a $500 travel credit if they spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 90 days their account is open.

Along with great earning potential, Capital One miles never expire as long as the account is open, and there’s no limit on how many miles you can earn. The card charges no foreign transaction fees, a $0 annual fee the first year, and $95 annually after that. 

The Capital One Venture Credit Card makes it really easy to earn miles because it applies a flat earnings rate to nearly all purchases. This travel card makes it very easy to redeem travel rewards, too, with the Capital One Purchase Eraser. First, cardholders must make a travel-related purchase with the card. This can be anything from airline tickets to a $5 Uber ride. Next, cardholders will have 90 days to essentially “erase” the purchase by using their rewards for a statement credit. It’s as easy as that. Alternatively, you can log on to Capital One’s travel center to find information on flights, hotels, rental cars, and all-inclusive packages. Here, you’ll be able to make any of these purchases directly with your miles.

Overall, the Capital One Venture Credit Card is a great option for spenders who want to easily earn and redeem travel rewards.

Why you should use a credit card abroad 

Having a dependable credit card in your wallet is important when traveling overseas. Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb to use your credit card as much as possible when you’re traveling to a foreign country to avoid theft as much as possible. Carrying a lot of cash and fumbling with it while you try to pay can make you an easy target for pickpockets and other thieves. Credit cards are better for overseas travel because you can cancel it if it goes missing. However, you should always have some cash on hand in case shops or restaurants don’t accept credit cards. 

What to look for in a flat-rate travel credit card

The most important thing for credit card users to consider when it comes to a flat-rate credit card is the earnings categories. Some travel cards will give you a standard rewards rate for certain categories, such as dining and gas, while giving you a lower rate on all other purchases. In most cases, flat rate cards give you the same rewards rate across the board, regardless of the spending category. 

When looking for a flat-rate travel credit card, make sure you find one that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. Even if you don’t travel internationally on a regular basis, this kind of credit card will come in handy for the few trips you do decide to take outside the United States. This is true because most other credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee of 3%. If you’re primarily using your credit card while traveling, this can get pretty pricey. 

In addition, you should always check if the credit card has an annual fee. Ideally, your credit card of choice will come without an annual fee. If it does happen to charge an annual fee, evaluate your spending habits. This will help you determine whether the travel rewards with the credit card will outweigh the annual fee. 

Is the Capitale One Venture Credit Card right for your trip? 

Before applying for a travel credit card, take some time to think about what kind of traveler you are. Do you like to go all out, and spend a lot during your vacation? Or, are you a more conservative spender? Asking yourself these questions can help you determine which travel credit card is a good fit for yourself and your future travels.

For instance, some people like to spend a lot when traveling. For someone like this, you’d probably want a premium travel card. Although this kind of card usually comes with a high annual fee, the right kind of traveler will be able to spend enough to offset the fee required to use the card.

Now, if you’re someone who simply wants to earn rewards that can be used for any type of travel, a flat-rate card like the Capital One Venture Credit Card is a great option. With this card, you’ll earn miles every time you spend. The card does come with an annual fee after the first year, so make sure you take that into account. If you don’t think you can offset the annual fee with rewards, you’d be better off looking for a cash back credit card with no foreign transaction fees to use abroad.

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